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Grass Shears

What is a grass shears? Grass shears, also known as lawn edging shears, are a gardening tool used to trim small areas of grass that a mower or a grass cutter can’t reach such as around tree trunks, flower beds, and along garden edges or fences. They consist of two sharp blades that cut grass when closed together, functioning similarly to a pair of scissors.

Why choose a grass shears? Choosing a grass shears provides precision and control when trimming grass, especially for hard-to-reach areas. This tool lets you shape and manicure your lawn without damaging other plants or decorations. Grass shears can also be used to maintain small gardens or indoor plants, making it a versatile tool for any landscaping operation.

What are the different types of grass shears? There are three main types of grass shears: manual, electric, and cordless.

  • Manual Grass Shears: These are the traditional style of grass shears that require manual force to operate. They are lightweight, portable and give you a greater precision and control.

  • Electric Grass Shears: These are powered by an electric cord. They offer a continuous cutting action with less effort but have limited mobility due to the cord.

  • Cordless Grass Shears: These are battery-operated, offering the same benefits of an electric shear but with more mobility. They can be a great option for large lawns or commercial properties.

What to consider before buying a new grass shears? Before buying a new grass shears, consider:

  • Handling and Comfort: Look for ergonomically designed models to help reduce user fatigue.
  • Size and Weight: It should be light enough for you or your team to use for extended periods without discomfort.
  • Battery Life (for cordless models): Consider the battery life and how this fits into your operations.
  • Sharpness and Durability of Blades: The blades should be sharp and durable, offering smooth and precise cuts on grass.
  • Versatility and Adjustability: Some electric and cordless grass shears have adjustable or rotating blades which can add to their versatility.

What are some tips to extend life of a grass shears? To extend the life of your grass shears:

  • Clean After Use: Clean the blades after each use to keep them sharp and to prevent rust.
  • Regular Sharpening: Sharpen the blades regularly to maintain their cutting efficiency.
  • Proper Storage: Store in a dry place to prevent rusting and degradation of the blades.
  • Routine Checks: Regularly check for loose screws or any damaged parts to keep the shears working effectively.

What are the most popular brands of grass shears? Some of the most popular brands of grass shears include:

  • Fiskars: Known for their durable blades and comfortable handles.
  • Gardena: Renowned for their high-quality garden tools including a range of grass shears.
  • Black+Decker: Offers a variety of corded and cordless grass shears that are well-reviewed for their efficiency and durability.
  • Bosch: Known for producing high-quality power tools, their grass shears are no exception. They offer both corded and cordless options.

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