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Post Hole Digger

What is a post hole digger? A post hole digger is a specialized tool designed to remove soil in a cylindrical formation, creating a precise hole in the ground for setting posts. It is commonly used in landscaping and construction works for fencing, deck construction, or planting trees.

Why choose a post hole digger? Choosing a post hole digger for your business can ensure that the process of making holes in the ground is efficient, quick, and precise. It alleviates the need for manual labor, saving your workforce time and effort. The holes created by a post hole digger are uniform in shape and size, which can enhance the structural stability and aesthetics of the finished project.

What are the different types of post hole diggers? There are three primary types of post hole diggers:

  • Manual post hole diggers: Also known as clamshell diggers, they have long handles and a pair of hinged metal blades at the bottom. The user pushes the blades into the ground, then pulls the handles apart to grab and remove the soil.

  • Auger-style post hole diggers: Can be manual or powered. The manual ones use a rotating motion to drill into the ground, while the powered variants (with petrol or electric motors) spin a helical ‘flighting’ to excavate soil.

  • Hydraulic post hole diggers: Designed for heavy-duty use. They are attached to large machinery, like a tractor or a skid-steer loader and use hydraulic pumps to drive the machine.

What to consider before buying a new post hole digger? Before buying a new post hole digger, consider the following points:

  • Type of jobs: Are you primarily setting fence posts, planting trees or doing construction work? The scale and type of the jobs can determine whether you need a manual, auger-style, or hydraulic digger.

  • Soil type: Different types of soil (clay, loam, pebbles, rocky, etc.) might require different kinds of diggers.

  • Budget: Manual diggers are typically less expensive than electric or gas-powered ones. Hydraulic diggers are generally more expensive and require having a compatible machine.

  • Durability: Check the material used for the blades, handle, and body. Rust-resistant metal and robust handles are crucial for longevity.

What are some tips to extend life of a post hole digger? Prolonging the life of your post hole digger includes:

  • Cleaning after each use: Remove soil or debris, rinse with water, and let it dry before storing.

  • Lubrication: Regularly lubricate all moving parts, preventing rust and ensuring smooth operation.

  • Proper storage: Store the digger in a dry, covered place to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

  • Regular maintenance: Regularly check for any loose nuts, bolts or worn-out parts and replace them as necessary to prevent breakdowns.

What are the most popular brands of post hole diggers? Some of the most popular brands of post hole diggers include:

  • Seymour: Known for their durable and sturdy manual post hole diggers.
  • AMES: Offers high-quality manual and auger-style post hole diggers which are versatile and easy to use.
  • DeWalt: Renowned for its powerful and efficient electric auger-style diggers.
  • Speeco: Famous for their heavy-duty hydraulic post hole diggers used in farming and construction.

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