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Turf Cutter

What is a turf cutter? A turf cutter is an essential piece of equipment used in landscape gardening for the removal of turf. This machine uses blades to slice underneath the turf, separating it from the soil beneath and making it easy to roll up and remove. Turf cutters are popular for their precise cutting abilities and for significantly reducing labor hours in comparison to manual methods.

Why choose a turf cutter? Opting for a turf cutter can be beneficial to your business in several ways. Firstly, it ensures a clean and efficient removal of turf, maintaining an even surface. Secondly, it saves a significant amount of manual labor and time, which is particularly beneficial when working on large spaces. Lastly, using a turf cutter allows the grass to be reused or disposed of easily due to the neatness of the cutting process.

What are the different types of turf cutters? There are primarily two types of turf cutters:

  • Manual turf cutters: These are handheld tools that are pushed under the grass to slice the turf away. They do some heavy-duty work and are ideal for small patches or for locations where it’s hard to maneuver larger machines.

  • Powered turf cutters: These are larger, self-propelled machines with powered blades. They are more suitable for larger lawns and professional use. They save a great deal of time and manpower compared to manual turf cutters.

What to consider before buying a new turf cutter? Before buying a new turf cutter, several aspects should be considered:

  • Job Size: If frequently working on larger areas, a powered turf cutter would be the better choice due to efficiency and labor savings.

  • Quality of Blades: Ensure the turf cutter has high-quality, durable blades that can withstand cutting through dense grass and soil.

  • Ease of Operation: Consider how easy the machine is to operate, particularly if the turf cutter will be used frequently.

  • Maintenance and Repair: Check the ease of blade replacement and general maintenance. Also, consider the after-sale services offered by the manufacturer like warranty and repairs.

What are some tips to extend the life of a turf cutter? To help maintain and extend the life of your turf cutter:

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean the cutter after each use to prevent the build-up of dirt which can result in rust and wear-and-tear of the blades.

  • Check and Replace Blades: Regularly check the blades for any damage. Sharp and undamaged blades not only make the cutting process easier but also prolong the life of the machine.

  • Regular Servicing: Schedule regular servicing to keep the cutter in optimal condition and to mitigate any potential issues early.

What are the most popular brands of turf cutters? The most popular brands of turf cutters include:

  • Billy Goat: Known for their high-quality, durable machines with great cutting performance.

  • Classen: Offers a range of professional quality turf cutters renowned for their reliability and efficiency.

  • Camon: Known for their simple, easy-to-use turf cutters with minimal maintenance.

  • Kersten: Recognized for their robust, high-performance turf cutters.

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